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Access to NielsenIQ data via Byzzer

Group Export partners with NielsenIQ to support agri-food exporters in understanding the U.S. market and its competitive environnement. 

Using Byzzer, NielsenIQ's new platform, Group Export makes U.S. market date available to its members at a privileged rate. Byzzer offers retail sales data on 60,000 consumer packaged goods brands in the U.S. for over $700 billion.  


Group Export offers a report production session to accurately identify the most relevant ones for a company. Get a better return on investment by taking advantage of the personalized support of the Group Export professional.
The data available on Byzzer helps answer critical business questions such as market size, product performance versus competitors, effectiveness of point-of-sale promotions, customer consumption patterns, and a host of other key issues.
This program is made possible thanks to the financial participation of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ans Quebec's ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, as well as the support of FCC.

Information :  

Audrey-Ève Néron 
Assistant Director of Market Development                                 
450 649-6266, ext 205  


ZENiTH Program | Export Diversification and Advisory Program

The Export Group offers a unique advisory program that aims to validate the company's potential in various promising markets and to work on an international development strategy with recognized experts. 

progressive field approach to avoid errors and reduce risks and expenses ensuring a better return on investment. 

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ZENiTH Program | A turnkey internationalization process in 4 phases

An efficient solution based on a precise analysis approach combined with a proven methodology, Zenith is a program divided into four phases allowing business development from Quebec for close contact with the target market without even travelling. 

This program is made possible with the participation of Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 

For full details, see the official program brochure.


Information :  

Audrey-Ève Néron 
Director, Market Development and Business Intelligence
450 649-6266, ext 205