Soutien aux exportations bioalimentaires

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Soutien aux exportations bioalimentaires (SEB) is a funding program offered through the Export Fund aimed to accelerate market development projects outside of Quebec by Quebec agri-food businesses. The assistance is for enterprises that wish to better prepare themselves and strengthen their export capacity or diversify their markets outside Quebec. 
*** NEW ***
Food companies that generate over 25 M$ in export markets will be invited
to submit major and structuring export projects aimed at generating a significant leverage
effect on a market. 
This part of the program will open during the month of May. 

Opening of the Program

Please note that the submission period for individual projects for the year 2022-2023 of the SEB program is currently underway. 



An information session presenting admissibility criteria, covered activities and selection criteria for the program was held on May 16, 2022. 

Watch the replay (in French) >>


Project Start Date

Until May 31, 2022 inclusively, the start date of the project may be earlier than the application submission date. In this case, a maximum of 40% of the amount granted may be claimed prior to the date of deposit. You must submit your budget using the project cost form.

Eligible Clientele  

For-profit agri-food enterprises that are legally incorporated in Quebec, and which have an establishment in the province, that market, for a minimum of two years at the time of application, agri-food products or food produced or processed in Quebec. 
For your project to be accepted, your company must also meet certain selection criteria, particularly in relation to its financial situation.  

Activities and eligible expenses

To be eligible, a project must be aimed at the development of a new market or the diversification within a market, incur eligible expenditures of at least $10,000 and include one or more of the eligible activities showed in the table of eligible expenses, and carried out over a maximum period of 12 months.
Export projects expenses for companies applying to the program are eligible from the start date indicated in the application form. 

Financial Assistance 

Financial assistance will take the form of a non-reimbursable contribution for up to 50% of eligible expenses. 
Eligible percentage Maximum financial assistance
per year and per applicant
50 %
  • The maximum financial assistance granted to an applicant covers all related enterprises.
  • A 10% increase in eligible expenses is offered to companies whose objectives correspond to ministerial or government priorities related to sustainable development, organic food processing, healthy food or any other public health issue related to a decree.
  • The total amount of government assistance cannot exceed 75% of the total eligible expenses of the project.
Maximum financial assistance thresholds exist for the following activities:
Activity Maximum financial assistance
Hiring of specialist for markets development outside of Québec
  • Base salary of an employee of a Quebec company or a foreign subsidiary that is more than 50% owned by a Quebec company, without fringe benefits.
  • Possibility of subsidizing the same employee for a second consecutive year. 
  • $45,000 for hours worked for the duration of the agreement.
Registration of a trademark
  • $25,000 per year
Promotional activities: Adaptation of promotional material (Packaging and labels).
  • $25,000 per year for all printing plates. 
Business or Market development activities: recruitment of an agent or partner, merchandising, product adaptation, marketing strategy, online advertising and access to an online sales platform.  
  • $50,000 for all activities excluding access to online sales platform.
  • $20,000 for online sales platform, (first year of access only.)

The maximum eligible rate for consulting and supporting fees is $150/hour for all activities
excluding the activity Registration of a trademark for which the maximum hourly rate is not limited.

Selection Criteria

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec (MAPAQ) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will analyze admissible applications based on the following criteria:
  • Assessment of the incentive nature of the financial assistance compared to the financial situation of the enterprise;
  • Alignment of the project and the enterprise’s business model;
  • Human and organisational capacity of the enterprise to complete the project;
  • Financial capacity to complete the project by evaluating the company's profitability, liquidity and cumulative return after dividend ratios;
  • Assessment of the potential impacts of the project.
In addition to these criteria, the project will be evaluated based on the quality of the company's responses to the questions in the application form for projects aimed to prepare the company’s exportation and on the export marketing plan for projects that consist of consolidating or developing one or more markets. Please consult the Applicant's Guide (in French only) to verify that your answers contain the information necessary for the analysis of your project.


General Conditions

An enterprise that wants to receive financial assistance from the SEB program must satisfy all general conditions (in French only) as well as the following:
  • If the enterprise has 50 or more employees, it must hold or be in the process of obtaining a francisation certificate, in order to respect the provisions of the Charter of the French Language (CQLR, chapter C-11, sections 135 to 154).
  • If it has more than 100 employees and the financial assistance awarded is $100,000 or more, hold an equality program that complies with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.
  • Businesses receiving financial assistance under this program must agree to take steps to register their products in the Répertoire des aliments québécois.
  • Recipients of financial assistance will be required to complete a business information sheet.

To apply for financial assistance

Applications must be sent to Group Export which will then forward completed applications to MAPAQ and AAFC for analysis. Group Export will also send to the enterprise, via email, instructions for providing MAPAQ with financial statements. 
If you are hand-signing the application form, please scan the last page of the application form and include it as an attachment to your email along with the electronic version of the form completed on the computer screen. A project will be considered received if all sections of the application form are duly completed and signed and that the project costs form is joined. 
Follow the instructions contained in the correspondence from Group Export to provide MAPAQ with the enterprise’s financial data and the last two financial statements covering three financial years.
Failure to reply and any refusal to answer a question or to provide a required document may result in the rejection of the application. 
Since funds are limited, it is important to forecast your needs accurately for the next 12-month period. Overestimating your needs tends to reduce access to a smaller number of beneficiaries. Thus, funds not spent on a project may influence your ability to obtain future funding under that program.



For any questions regarding financial assistance for individual export projects, please contact :

Christine Gingras 
Director, Government programs


Lyne Desmarais
Advisor, Government programs