History and Mission

With a membership of some 500, the Agri-Food Export Group Québec–Canada is the largest association of agri-food product exporters in Canada. It was formed in 1990 and over the years, the Group has developed several member services while organizing hundreds of events to open doors for Québec agri-food exporters to markets outside the province and abroad. In its roles as a special link between exporters and markets and a vital bridge between the public and private sectors, the Group toils daily to bolster the presence of Québec products in the four corners of the earth.

It is a member of the worldwide SIAL Group network and a financial partner of SIAL Canada, the largest international food tradeshow devoted to agri-food professionals in Canada.

In November 2012, Export Group signed a partnership agreement with ECRM® (Effective Collaborative Retail Marketing), based in Ohio, USA, giving us exclusive Canadian rights to conduct promotion and training of the company’s business meeting concept. There is absolutely no doubt that ECRM’s business solutions will provide Export Group members with brilliant new marketing opportunities.

The linkages with ECRM and SIAL establish Export Group’s position as the Canadian leader in trade shows, buyers’ meetings and events for makers of agri-food products wanting to do business on foreign markets.

For over 25 years, we have been recognized by the industry, governments and our partners across Canada as developers and facilitators in the field. 

National Initiatives and Leadership

Information literacy and coordination constitute the main assets required to be and stay competitive in the penetration of new markets. With its team of experienced specialists, the Group offers its members services and activities that touch upon all essential aspects of export, including among others:

  • Shipping of documents and small parcels
  • Consolidation of samples to be sent abroad
  • Advisory Service on Regulations and Labelling
  • Management of export financial assistance programs for the federal (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) and provincial (Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation Québec) governments
  • Seminars and round table discussions for exporters
  • Training programs for new exporters
  • Agri-export conferences
  • Standing links with public organizations and partner associations
  • Annual publication of membership directory.

Market-Focussed Actions

The Group’s expert professionals apply their extensive market knowledge to identify the best business opportunities available to Group members. This permits appropriate action in all large markets as well as those which are most promising, through the following (among others):

  • Participation in professional trade shows
  • Meetings with buyers
  • Trade missions
  • Product promotion, in concert with partners
  • International canvassing of decision-makers
  • Market information