Advisory Service on Regulations and Labelling

        You're introducing a new product?
        You're planning to modify your recipes?
        You want to adapt your packaging to comply with the new FDA regulations?

For Canadian as well as American market, our advisory service on regulations and labelling can help you comply with regulations requirements. This service is available for members and non-members of the Association. Note that a preferred rate is granted to the Agri-Food Export Group members.


Whether you simply need to update your nutritional table or you want all your new packaging elements being verified, we offer a personalized service to fit your needs:

  • Label compliance verification
  • Nutrition Facts Table preparation from a lab report or your recipe through our specialized software
  • Ingredient list authentication and preparation
  • Claims validation or suggestion
  • Regulatory information research and technical consultations
  • Promotional material verification


No matter what your product is, we are able to assist you, even with the following specific cases:

  • Food and beverages
  • Food for special dietary use
  • Shipping containers
  • Canadian meat & poultry product
  • US meat & poultry product
    • Verification whether or not product qualifies for generic label approval.
    • USDA label approval when required


You need to review your Canadian label and you plan exporting to USA in the near future?  Have part of the job done right now!

  • Our expertise covers both US and Canadian markets – therefore we can manage for you to have a label that will require minor changes when switching to a US label


You want to unravel the mysterious regulatory side of your labels?

  • Attend our trainings on various topics related to regulation and labeling.

Ask for a quote:

Marie-Line Fortin
Labelling and Regulation Advisor
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext 215

Julie Langlois 

Labelling and Regulation Advisor
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 211