Trade Shows

Our members don’t have to worry about organization. We do that so they can do what they do best: business. A trade show is a targeted, strategic opportunity to show products, see what the competition is doing, find new markets and build on gains. It’s a winning formula, whether abroad or in Canadian markets outside Québec.

Each year, the Group identifies the international trade shows that are not to be missed, wherever they may be in the world. Always with the best interests of our members in mind, we consider a host of factors including market potential and accessibility to offer a complete program of activities, that includes new opportunities.

When members decide to attend a show, we plan their participation with precision. Our consultants provide complete guidance and support, beginning at registration.

Our turnkey approach leaves nothing to chance.


Hicham El Ghissassi
Export Advisor
Phone : 450-649-6266, ext. 206

Jean-Emmanuel Poitras
Export Advisor
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 205

Vicky Couture-Adams

Export Advisor
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext 208


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