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Nokomis inc.

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Vincent More - Vice-President

500, rue Notre Dame Ouest
Trois-Pistoles, G0L 4K0


An Amerindian legend tells us that Nokomis, a heroine who personifies the Earth, was the first to harvest maple sap... Nokomis, founded by three maple producers passionate about their work, stands out with a complete range of top quality maple products (organic and traditional) at competitive prices: maple syrup, maple butter, granulated maple sugar, maple jelly, maple caramel. All products are packaged in various container types and sizes compatible with target markets: deli-shops, food distribution, food service industry, agri-food industry.

Business Type
food manufacturer, producer

Exported Products
full range of organic (JAS) and traditional maple products under Nokomis and Richard trademarks: various grades of maple syrups, maple butter, granulated maple sugar, maple jelly and maple caramel, strawberry maple spread, raspberry maple spread, blueberry maple spread and maple candies

Current Foreign Market
China, Japan, Australia, France, Belgium, United States, Poland, South Korea, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Peru, Sweden, Dubaï, Oman, Baelaric Islands, Belarus

Targeted Market
Europe, Spain, Denmark, Israel, Finland, India

Current Customers
agents, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, hotels, importers, restaurants, supermarkets, food processors

Kosher, Organic, GFSI-BRC, JAS, CFIA