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Leclerc Food Ltd

Person(s) in charge

Mrs Julie Therrien - Export Manager

91 de Rotterdam, Parc Industriel François Leclerc
St-Augustin de Desmaures, G3A 1T1


Leclerc Foods Ltd has been in the food industry since 1905. Through its strategies, Leclerc Foods has become a leader in its field. Nowadays, the company has six manufacturing plants based in Quebec City, in Ontario, in Pennsylvania, in Arizona and in Tennessee and employs over 700 people. Leclerc Foods Ltd manufactures a wide range of products such as cookies, cereal bars, muffin bars and crackers. One of the priorities at Leclerc is to provide our customers with high quality products and therefore to purchase the highest technology when it comes to equipment.

Business Type
food manufacturer

Exported Products
cookies, cereal bars, muffin bars, granola bars, crackers

Current Foreign Market
Japan, Australia, France, United States, Chile, Caribbean, Columbia, England, Mexico, Ouganda

Targeted Market
Central America, South America

Current Customers
retailers, distributors, importers, producers, supermarkets

Trade Relations Sought
agents or trading houses, strategic alliances, brokers, distributors, under licence - joint venture manufacturing