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Person(s) in charge

Mr. Daniel Novak - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Oldrich Blaha - Operation Manager

Mrs Gabrielle Faraggi - Vice-President, Sales

1089 avenue Greene
Westmount, H3Z 1Z8


High in Complete Protein - Our organic crickets are 60% protein by weight, over 2x more than meats and fish, and this protein includes all 9 essential amino acids. Our products also contain lots of plant-based proteins, providing a healthy and complete amino acid combination. High in Vitamins & Minerals - By weight, crickets have 7x more vitamin B12 than salmon (which is one of the foods highest in B12), 2x more iron than spinach, 2x more calcium than milk, and 3x more potassium than bananas. We think it’s really cool that you can snack on a bar or a cracker and get nutrients like complete protein and vitamin B12 that you would otherwise only get in meat.

Exported Products
food products made with crickets protein: energy bars, crackers, snack mixes, protein smoothie mixes

Current Foreign Market

Current Customers
agents, retailers, distributors, supermarkets

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, supermarkets