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Person(s) in charge

Mr. Daniel Novak - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Oldrich Blaha - Chief Operating Officer

Mrs Gabrielle Faraggi - Vice President, Sales

Mr. Michael Badea - Chief Marketing Officer

442, St-Gabriel, Suite 401
Montréal, H2Y 2Z9

1 888 997-3629

Crickstart makes delicious natural food products with cricket powder, which is made from organic Canadian-farmed crickets that have been roasted and finely milled. Crickets are a delicious high-protein superfood, complete with all 9 essential amino acids, and are packed with Vitamin B12, key minerals and prebiotic fibre. Cricket protein is also very sustainable, leaving a tiny fraction of the ecological footprint compared to other animal proteins. Crickstart makes "real food" bars, gourmet crackers, and fruit smoothie mixes that all incorporate cricket powder and other tasty wholesome ingredients. All Crickstart products are gluten and dairy free.

Exported Products
food products made with crickets protein: energy bars, crackers, snack mixes, protein smoothie mixes

Current Foreign Market

Current Customers
agents, retailers, distributors, supermarkets

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, supermarkets