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Kilo Solution

Person(s) in charge

Mrs Isabelle Huot - President

8, Place du Commerce, suite 102
Île des Soeurs, H3E 1N3


Kilo Solution was launched in 2009 by Isabelle Huot to help Quebeckers with their food habits. With the help of her nutritionnists, kinesiologists and psychologists team, she offers easy and practical solutions to loose weight. Consultations, meal plans, 2 range of ready to eat meals, healthy snacks, kitchen tools, etc. In addition to beeing tasty, Kilo Solution meals and salads display a clean ingredient list, they are calorie controlled, reduced in sodium, and they don't contain any additives. The same goes for all (7) Kilo Solution nutritive snacks. Practical, tasty and healthy solutions! Kilo Solution... the solution to develop healthy eating habits!

Exported Products
ready-to-eat healthy meals and salads, healthy snacks, kitchen tools, recipe cookbooks

Targeted Market
France, United States

Current Customers
agents, retailers, distributors, exporters, institutions, supermarkets

Trade Relations Sought
agents or trading houses, distributors, institutions, supermarkets