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Morehouse Foods Canada Limited

Person(s) in charge

Mrs Karina Massicotte - General Director

Mr. Jean-Louis Chaussé - Sales Director

Mr. Guy Thomas - Manager, Quality Assurance

Mrs Zeina Abou Chakra - In charge of orders

2075, 52nd Avenue
Lachine, H8T 3C3


For over 15 years, we have set ourselves apart for our known versatility and the quality of our products. Wheter it be for your need of industrial size production or to develop a unique high end private label mustard, Morehouse Foods will find the best suited solution for you. Since our customers are more and more food and ingredients savvy these days, we have developed a line of personalized products which are all natural and without any preservatives, GMO's, lactose, gluten or traces of nuts. Our factory is also SQF certified.

Exported Products
specialty mustards and dressings

Current Foreign Market
Australia, United States, Tahiti

Targeted Market
United States

Current Customers
retailers, distributors, wholesalers, hotels, importers, institutions, restaurants, supermarkets, food processors

Trade Relations Sought
agents or trading houses, strategic alliances, distributors, institutions, supermarkets

Kosher, C-TPAT, Gluten free, GMO free, GFSI-SQF, SQF Level 2, Food of Quebec