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Artist in Residence Distillerie (A.i.R. Distillerie)

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Pierre Mantha - Owner

Mrs Joanie Benoit - Marketing and Operations Coordinator

243, rue Bombardier
Gatineau, J8R 0C6

1 844 735-8800

A.i.R Distillerie. Welcome free spirits. Inspired by mavericks and free thinkers, Artist in Residence is the modern micro-distillery that truly embraces a new way of thinking and crafting. Each new products is a bold act of self-expression: innovative, surprising and unique. The Artist in Residence bunker is a state of the art facility that meets the highest standards for quality in an unexpected location on the edge of the city of Gatineau. To add to this unconventinal setting, the bunker features a spectacular bar, a destination for the free spirits who gravitate towards the brand. For them, we bring the AiR concept to life at unforgettable events and product lauches, where mixology, art, music, fashion, technology and business come togheter in the spectacular alchemy that is the pulse of the brand.

Exported Products
The first two products of A.i.R Distillery are a gin and a vodka: Waxwing Bohemian Gin and Vodkalight, a low calorie vodka. Both are made with the finest ingredients - Canadian corn kernels and the freshest water extracted from an underground source.

Targeted Market
South America, Asia, North America, Middle East

Current Customers
retailers, distributors, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, wholesalers