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29 Février Group Inc.

Person(s) in charge

Mr. François Décarie fdecarie@29fevrier.ca - President

35, rue des Bories
Morin Heights, J0R 1H0


fdecarie@29fevrier.ca www.29fevrier.ca

29 février produces a collection of maple syrups to achieve the best combination of flavours possible. The clear, amber or dark colour of the syrup, a result of the time of harvest, determines the taste: mild and light, rich and distinctive, full-bodied and strong. This richness of flavours offers endless possibilities for food pairings. Prized by great chefs yet available to all, maple syrup can be found on menus of renowned restaurants, from appetizers to desserts. Whether as a condiment or ingredient, it provides gastronomic delight for every occasion, 366 days a year.

Business Type
commercial agent

Exported Products
Our light maple syrup is harvested early in the season and will perfectly complement your sauces and vinaigrettes. Even in cocktails, this delicate maple syrup is your secret ingredient. Produced from the mid-season harvest, our amber maple syrup will lend character to any dessert. Its rich flavour goes exceptionally well with crepes, French toast and any other dish your sweet tooth may desire. Try it in your morning coffee and enjoy! Produced at the height of the harvest, our dark maple syrup is ideal for marinades and grilling. With its robust flavour, it´s a choice ingredient for dishes like braised beef, lacquered quails and even maple-glazed scallops.

Targeted Market
China, Japan, France, United States, South Korea

Current Customers
agents, hotels, importers, supermarkets

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets