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Ecolab Co.

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Éric Chatigny - Area Manager - Eastern Canada

Mr. Kafka Corriveau - District Manager

2222 Dagenais Ouest, bureau 201
Laval, H7L 5Y2

450 978-6415 | 1 800 352-5326
450 963-5256

Ecolab is committed to sustainable development in all our activities, but we realize that the greatest contribution we will make to the environment will go a long way. We help all of our customers around the world to reduce its own impact on the planet Earth. Our comprehensive approach to impact goes beyond "green" to help our customers conserve resources, improve safety and reduce waste. The markets Ecolab service encompass a wide array of cleaning and sanitation needs all over the world. While each of our distinct businesses focuses on specific products and services, all work together across divisional markets and geographic boundaries to provide solutions and services to our customers. Four our diverse customer groups across the globe, we provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitation solutions. The scope of our business is extensive. For sanitation results, Ecolab is the company of choice for sustainable solutions.

Business Type
turnkey technical services, technical adviser

Services offered
general programs for surface cleaning and sanitizing, program for washing and sanitizing ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems, lubrican conveyor program - wet or dry technology, carcass treatment program, fruit and vegetable treatment program, technical service for manufacturing and programming of CIP systems, engineering services for sanitary design, equipment dosage and application programs, training programs for hygiene and safety. New DRYSAN DUO washing program, approved without rinsing.

Current Customers
producers, supermarkets, food processors

Trade Relations Sought
government agencies, manufacturers, supermarkets