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Makivik Corporation

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Andy Moorhouse - Vice-President

Mr. Peter Rose - Senior Agent, Business Development

1111, boul. Dr. Frederik-Philips, 3e étage
Montréal, H4M 2X6


Makivik, which in Inuktitut means “To Rise Up,” is a fitting name for an organization mandated to protect the rights, interests and financial compensation provided by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, the first comprehensive Inuit land claim in Canada, and the more recent offshore Nunavik Inuit Land Claim Agreement that came into effect in 2008. The Corporation’s distinct mandates ranges from owning and operating large profitable business enterprises and generating jobs; to social economic development, improved conditions, to protection of the Inuit language and culture and the natural environment.

Business Type
producer, economic development organization

Exported Products
pandulus berealis shrimps, pandulus montagui shrimps

Current Foreign Market
China, Japan, Europe

Targeted Market
China, India

Current Customers
distributors, wholesalers

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, wholesalers