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Aliments Trigone Inc.

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Alexandre Bérubé-Beaulieu - General Manager

93, chemin de l'Aqueduc
St-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, G0R 3A0


The only shelling plant in the country and pioneer in the hemp food industry in Eastern Canada since 2004 and pioneer in the hemp food industry in Eastern Canada since 2004, Aliments Trigone stands out among other things by the recent formation of a workers cooperative. We are also processing a number of other organic grains to provide consumers with a range of healthy, gluten-free foods. We are also committed to fostering local and organic culture in a spirit of fairness to all stakeholders in the food chain.

Business Type
food manufacturer

Exported Products
Buckwheat products (groats, grits, porridge, sprouted, flakes, kasha, flours, hulls), hemp products (shelled, toasted, oil) and organic gluten free flours and starchs (brown rice, tapioca, coconut, millet, sorghum, chickpea, quinoa, amaranth, potato)

Current Foreign Market
Canada, United States

Targeted Market
Canada, Japan, United States

Current Customers
retailers, distributors, wholesalers, importers, restaurants, supermarkets, food processors

Trade Relations Sought

Kosher, Organic