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Ferme Avicole d'Oka inc. (Oka Farm)

Person(s) in charge

Mr. Claude Dicaire cdicaire@sympatico.ca - President

1670, boul. Lionel-Bertrand, Suite 200
Boisbriand, J7H 1N7


cdicaire@sympatico.ca www.fermeoka.ca

Oka Farm is one of the largest distributors of rabbits and fine poultry in North America. It distributes the following products: rabbit and fine poultry such as Cornish Hen, pheasant, guinea hen, quail, partridge, Mulard duck products, and organic chicken. All of these products are offered, as appropriate, whole, already cut, or as transformed products, both fresh and frozen. Our products are inspected federally and conform to the HACCP system. They also meet the norms and requirements of the USDA and the FDA.

Business Type
food manufacturer, distributor

Exported Products
rabbits, Mulard duck products, organic chicken, Rock cornish hen, pheasant and guinea hen

Current Foreign Market
Canada, United States

Current Customers
distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, food processors

Trade Relations Sought
distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets, food processors

Organic, Food of Quebec