Claims under the Soutien aux exportations bioalimentaires Program

Once you have returned a signed copy of your agreement, you may submit invoices for reimbursement of your activities.
We invite you to watch this tutorial, or you may also want to view this Webinar (in French) for details on how to prepare your claim.
There are various forms to be completed before sending us your claim:
Annex B - Report on completed activities  
  • A report is requested for each group of activities claimed
Annex C - Application for Financial Assistance payment 
  • A report is requested for each activity claimed
Annex D - Result Sheet
  • The result sheet is required at the end of your project once all activities are completed. Without this completed document, you will not be able to submit a new grant application.
Please refer to this chart  (english version available soon) for the list of necessary supporting documents to be submitted with your claim.
Note that expenses made in cash can not be submitted for refund. It is mandatory to have the invoice and proof of payment to proceed with a refund.
You can claim your activities up to 60 days after the end date of your agreement. Any claim submitted after this date can not be processed.
Don't forget to keep copies for your own files.
Please send your claim by E-mail to:
or by mail at :               Agri-Food Export Group
c/o  Lyne Desmarais
1971, Léonard-De Vinci Street
Sainte-Julie (Québec)
J3E 1Y9
Information :

Christine Gingras
Director, Government programs

Odile Bélanger
Project Manager, Finance and Programs

Lyne Desmarais
Administrative Officer, Program Management