Claim under the Exportateurs de classe mondiale Program

 You have been approved for funding under the Exportateurs de classe mondiale Program? In order to claim reimbursements according to your financing agreement, you must fill out some forms complying with program regulations.

Please refer to the ECM Claim Regulations Guide to find out which documents you have to submit. Then fill out all  required forms with your claim.

All documents must be submitted with your claim to the Group no later than the date specified on your funding agreement, in order to claim the reimbursement you are entitled to. Claims received after this date will not be processed.

Don't forget to keep copies for your own files.

Mail your claim to:

Agri-Food Export Group
c/o Maryse Nadeau
1971, rue Léonard-De Vinci
Sainte-Julie (Québec)
J3E 1Y9


Maryse Nadeau
Assistant, Accounting and Programs
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 210

Christine Gingras
Coordinator, Program Management
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 218