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Financial assistance from the Fonds à l’exportation for the Soutien aux exportations bioalimentaires (SEB) for Québec agri-food companies will soon succeed the Exportateurs de classe mondiale program, which expired on March 31, 2018. The online application form will be available during the fall of 2018.

This translation is a courtesy of Agri-food Export Group and does not represent the official version.



This financial assistance is intended to support outside Quebec market development projects for Quebec agri-food companies. It is aimed at companies that wish to:

  • better prepare and strengthen their export capacity;
  • diversify their markets outside Quebec.

Eligible clienteles

Are admissible the for-profit agri-food and social economy enterprises legally incorporated in Québec and having an establishment in Quebec that market food produced or processed in Québec.

Eligible projects

To be eligible, the project must include one or more of the following activities:

  • Hiring of an outside Quebec market development specialist;
  • Development of an international business plan or export diagnosis;
  • Acquisition of knowledge in market development (coaching);
  • Trademark Registration; /// Development and implementation of an online marketing strategy;
  • Membership fees to a Quebec association whose mission is to develop foreign markets;
  • Prospecting mission and other travel expenses outside Quebec for one or many company’s  employees;
  • Exhibition at a trade show outside Quebec;
  • Support for clients or partners prospecting;
  • Recruitment of an agent or a distributor;
  • Study on a foreign market;
  • Adaptation or development of promotional tools for foreign markets;
  • Welcoming activities for buyers or foreign partners;
  • Activities linked to obtaining a contract outside Quebec by call for tenders or by invitation;
  • Approach relating to the establishment of an office, a subsidiary or a joint venture abroad, or approach to the acquisition of a business outside Quebec, to the extent that this project will have economic benefits for Quebec.

Eligible expenses 

  • Salary of a new employee whose mandate is focused on the development of foreign markets; 
  • Expenditures linked to studies or access to databases;
  • Expenses linked to a travel and a stay of at least 24 hours outside Quebec or in Quebec for visitors (clients and partners);
  • Rental of exhibition spaces or offices outside Quebec;
  • Transportation of goods exhibited at a trade show outside Quebec;
  • Hiring of a dedicated resource or moving of an employee and samples transportation expenses for point-of-sale demonstrations;
  • Professional fees;
  • Trademark registration fees;
  • Fees to access an online sales platform for the first year of operation;
  • Fees for the first year of membership in a Quebec association whose mission is to develop foreign markets.

Financial assistance

The maximum financial assistance is 50% of eligible expenses and $ 100,000 per year, per applicant.

Total eligible expenses submitted must be at least $ 10,000.

Financial assistance for individual business export projects is implemented through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.riculture.


For any questions regarding financial assistance for individual export projects, please contact Maryse Nadeau at 1-800-563-9767 or by email at