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2017-2018 funds for the Exportateurs de classe mondiale 2015-2018 program are available and companies can submit their projects.

Logo Québec As part of its efforts to support the agri-food industry, the Sous-ministériat à la transformation alimentaire et aux marchés (SMTAM) of the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et l’Alimentation (MAPAQ) has devised a market access strategy. One of its actionable resources is the Export Fund, which has the following objectives:

  • Help enterprises to better understand their external markets.
  • Help enterprises define their strategies and adapt to these constantly-evolving markets.
  • Allow enterprises to take advantage of business opportunities as they arise in these markets.


Here are some important criteria which must be met to qualify (please refer to the Program for a more detailed list).

  • Your agri-food enterprise must be legally incorporated with its head office in Québec.
  • Your processing and packaging activities must be carried out in Québec.
  • Your enterprise processes or markets Québec agri-food products.
  • Your enterprise has marketed its products for at least two years.
  • Your project is aimed at an export market (outside Québec or to another country).
  • Your enterprise is able to provide a three-year export business plan, which must comply with criterias listed in ANNEX III of the Program.

We recommend you to take the time to carefully read the new program, as many criterias have changed compared to previous programs.  For example, in the new program, eligible activities should be held and invoiced in a 12 months period following the project deposit.  You sould take advantage of this program to develop new export markets in Canada (outside of Quebec) or on international markets, to implement concrete foreign activities and claim your eligible expenses.

You can ask for a 30% reimbursement for this type of eligible expenses: 

  • Market studies
  • Translation
  • Design of promotional materials
  • Adaptation of labels and packaging concepts
  • Web site design
  • Promotion and demonstrations at points of sale
  • Advertising
  • Providing expertise in merchandising

You can obtain financial support as lump sums for these eligible activities:

  • Market exploration
  • Market validation
  • Buyers welcoming in Quebec
  • Participation in trade shows

The preparation of an export business plan does not qualify as an eligible activity under this program, but it may be supported by the Levier program. You may contact your regional MAPAQ advisor to learn the eligibility criteria for that program.

Program Details

A request must include:

Your completed financial request form must be sent by email to marysenadeau@groupexport.ca.



For information on how to make a claim and the required supporting documents, consult Submit a Claim.



Maryse Nadeau 
Assistant, Accounting and Programs
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 210

Hicham El Ghissassi
Senior Export Advisor
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext 206

Francine Lapointe 

Director, Programs and Government Affairs
Phone: 450-649-6266, ext. 213