CETA Canada and EU - a summary portal of the various tools that Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has developed to help exporters»

This is a summary portal of the various tools that Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has developed to help exporters


Doing Business in Europe

Europe is a key trading partner and full of growing opportunities. The European Union (EU) is Canada's fourth largest agri-food export destination, with over $3.5 billion in exports in 2016. The Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is set to improve your competitiveness in this key market.  More details» 

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) for Agri-Food Exporters

Find out more details on CETA and how it will help Canadian exporters access European Union (EU) agri-food markets.  More details »


Exporting your agri-food to the European Union

Overview of key regulations, considerations and requirements, rules of origin and food labelling regulations for Canadian food products entering the European Union (EU) market.  More details »



Rule of origin: Classification of a product 

In order to determine whether your product qualifies for preferential tariff treatment now that the CETA interim application is in effect, you can obtain a ruling through the European Binding Tariff Information System (FCR), which allows Canadian exporters to obtain a written binding  decision regarding the tariff classification of their product prior to export. 
This provides exporters with assurance as to the tariff classification to which their product will be submitted and provides clarification and information on the rules of origin to be met in order to benefit from the CETA preferential tariff treatment.

Agriculture and food market intelligence - Europe

Find opportunities in Europe and learn about business trends in your market or area of interest. More details»


Trade data and analysis - Europe 

Access one page summaries containing country information, agri-food trade, top imports and exports as well as manufacturing data. More details»