ZENiTH PROGRAM - United States

November 16 - December 31, 2020

Zenith : Export Diversification and Advisory Program

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Take part to the United States cohort of the ZENiTH program

Through its new support program, the Export Group offers you a field-based and scalable approach to conquer the United States market. Together, let's validate the potential of your products on this promising market and define your development strategy!
The United States : A market with enviable purchasing power
  • The United States represent 23% of the global value of food retail. Americans enjoy high purchasing power, with an  average annual expenditure of $ 4,363 per household on food items.
  • With its geographic proximity and the existing trade agreement, the United States is an ideal market to support export sales.
  • There are several opportunities to be seized in this market, especially with the growing popularity of private labels and the rise of online purchasing.
ZENiTH: A turnkey internationalization process in four phases

The ZENiTH program is a turnkey solution based on a precise analysis approach combined with a proven methodology. The program is divided into four phases and allows business development from Quebec for a close contact with the target market, without even traveling. Click here for all the details of the ZENiTH program. Please note that the participation to the US cohort includes a regulatory pre-verification for a product as well as a label compliance verification for a product by the Export Group's Advisory Service Labelling and Regulations.  

The cohort approach allows cost reduction and a better return on investment
The ZENiTH program is made possible thanks to the financial participation of the two levels of government. Take advantage of reduced prices at each stage!

* The global market overview is available individually. Click here

Support from an experienced partner

The companies participating in the 2020-2021 cohorts of the Zenith program will benefit from the expertise and the guidance of Altios, along with the assistance of the Export Group at each stage.

  • Recognized supplier with 30 years of experience with 430 professionals and 8000 clients
  • Presence in 22 countries, including the most dynamic markets
  • A unique global network of experts and local partners
  • Powerful relational networks in business circles
  • 8 poles of sectoral expertise, including agri-food


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Audrey-Eve Neron


T 450-649-6266 | 1-800-563-9767 ext: 205